CBD Sativa CBD 8% Extract - 3500 mg

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CBD Sativa CBD 8% Extract (3500 mg)

CBD Sativa Extract is a natural food supplement of the highest quality, completely made from 100% EU certified hemp.

CBD Sativa Extract provides a very natural method of consuming CBD. Every container holds 100% EU certified hemp based ingredients: 280 mg (8%) of CBD (cannabidiol) in 3500 mg of hemp paste.

The CBD Sativa Extract gives you the opportunity to really experience the wonderful taste of your CBD Sativa product, while the absorption of our high quality CBD by your body already begins in your mouth. The CBD Sativa Extract also comes with the advantage that it is easy to process the paste in your daily life, for example by spreading a little on your lunch sandwich or adding it to your morning yoghurt.

Since the paste is slightly more difficult to dose, it is recommended to start with a different CBD Sativa product, if you are a first time user of CBD.

CBD Sativa extracts comprise additional phitocannabinoids such as cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBN). CBD Sativa extracts contain terpenes. CBD Sativa extracts are 100% natural and are independently lab tested for cannabinoid content and the absence of impurities. CBD Sativa extracts are made without dyes, scenting and flavouring agents or preservatives.

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