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CBD Chewing Gum

New from CBD Sativa, refreshing, sugar-free chewing gum with a tasty spearmint flavour and all the benefits of premium-grade cannabidiol. This gum is not made with acesulfame k, aspartame, or other rubbish but with natural ingredients, such as chicle gum, natural spearmint aroma, and natural menthol. Moreover, this sugar-free CBD gum uses tooth-friendly xylitol as a sweetener. This makes CBD Chewing Gum better quality gum and the better choice for your teeth.

The plant-based, lab-tested cannabidiol in CBD Chewing Gum is extracted from specially bred, CBD-rich hemp plants and can easily be dosed by simply having a piece of tasty gum.

A pack of CBD Chewing Gum contains nine pieces of the best quality chewing gum, each infused with 10 mg of natural CBD: This amounts to a whopping 90 mg of quality CBD per pack!

A pack contains 9 pieces of CBD Chewing Gum

CBD content per piece of gum:
10 mg (90 mg in total)

sweetener: xylitol; natural gum base, natural flavor of mint, natural menthol, humectant; glycerol, thickener; Arabic gum, anticaking agent; magnesium stearate, plant-based cannabidiol, coating agent; carnauba wax.

CBD Sativa

CBD Sativa
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